They Say About Us – Orange1 For People – TVA Vicenza

O1 for People is a Foundation created for young people and with young people regardless of social background, an example is already Orange1 Basket Bassano, whose young people have the opportunity to realise their sporting dream thanks to the scholarships made available to them by the Foundation.

Armando Donazzan – President: ‘we have created a committee of five young people who will bring to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, which I chair, what projects are essential for them’.

Anna, Mariasole and Nicole Donazzan: ‘A project is about to be realised in January, thanks to the AId4Mada association, a nursery school that will provide accommodation for 100 children, who will receive education, food, and access to healthcare. The spaces will consist of classrooms, a library, sanitary spaces and kitchens. We are very happy to be able to help children who are less fortunate, because the differences in access to opportunities in the world are very large. It is a special opportunity for us to work together with other young people to build opportunities for young people”.

Elena Donazzan: ‘A company is a wealth of human capital, patents of ideas and innovation.
The social sustainability part has more and more value when these companies look to the world outside Italy and it is a positioning”.
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