The Orange1 Basket Bassano Targets

  • Becoming the best club in Europe for developing young talents
  • To be an international location for American colleges and professional clubs where they can find new players
  • Offer young people a solid and quality future, based not only on sport but also on human and educational growth
  • Give a culture and academic degree of excellence to our athletes
  • Growing coaches and managers, creating one of the most dynamic and active staffs in Europe
  • Guarantee our athletes top level competitions in all categories

Basketball Upgrade
Orange1 Basket Bassano has always been attentive and open to external stimuli, in order to have continuous and constant growth. For this reason, numerous professionals from other European Clubs are present at Orange1 Bassano on a monthly basis and our coaches, in the same way, visit other Clubs in order to update themselves on new winning projects for young people in Europe. Through the creation of Basketball Coach Ability, our staff is a virtual point of reference for professional updates for all Italian coaches.

Ethical Solidity
Orange1 Basket Bassano is one of the most solid clubs in Italy. Investing in the recruitment and development of young players, both Italian and foreign, is one of the Club’s main objectives.
Orange1 Basket Bassano is a non-profit company. The Reason Why is to offer young people a solid, quality future, based not only on sport but also on human and educational growth.