A New Nursery School in Madagascar. A Project From the Heart of Vicenza

The first Orangino Home, the Tulear nursery school financed by Orange 1 For People Foundation, will be inaugurated on 8 January 2024, which will host 183 children, guaranteeing them education, food and access to medical care.

The new nursery school that will be inaugurated in Tulear, Madagascar on 8 January will be part of the Orangino Home and will welcome 183 children from the EPP Tanambao Morafeno. A great social achievement that has an entirely Vicenza soul. In fact, Aid4Mada Onlus and the Bassanese Orange 1 For People Foundation are the promoters of this adventure which will provide a safe place for children up to 5 years old.

Why a nursery school in Madagascar?
The new nursery school was built thanks to the contribution of Orange 1 For People Foundation, which wanted to fully cover the necessary costs.
The new and comfortable humanitarian center in Tulear will guarantee its young guests education, access to medical care and two meals a day. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world: here over 1 million 600 thousand young people do not attend any school and, due to the precarious economic conditions of their families, they become prey to dangerous criminal organisations. The project sees the active participation of Orange1 for People Foundation which will also cover the costs related to healthcare, education and proper nutrition for as many as 70 of the 183 children who will be welcomed. The objective of the Bassanese Foundation is to reduce the discomfort of the very young to a minimum and to allow the boys and girls of tomorrow to grow up by taking advantage of equal educational opportunities, access to medical care and the guarantee of receiving two meals every day. complete (breakfast and lunch) which will be served in the canteen of the EPP Tanambao Morafeno institute.

Opening on January 8, 2023 in Tulear
The new nursery school will be inaugurated in the presence of the directors of the two Vicenza Associations who have given concrete support to the construction of the structure and will guarantee its management. The nursery will be equipped with three new classrooms, a sanitary block complete with showers and access to running drinking water, and also a protected and safe area reserved for the little guests to play.
“The Orangino Home project in Madagascar is the first concrete example of support to the population (with specific attention to the youngest) that Orange 1 For People Foundation develops outside Italy” explains the President of the Foundation Armando Donazzan. “Our motto “put the youth first” also finds substance in numerous activities that we develop in the Bassano area, including support for the Orange1Basket Bassano team and the formulation of many projects aimed at young people. In fact, we want to offer everyone equal treatment and the opportunity to develop their talent, concretely. The partnership with Aid4Mada Onlus gave us the opportunity, however, to leave a first concrete sign even beyond the border. On January 8, 2024 we will be in Tulear to inaugurate a structure which, thanks also to the help of the other partners of the initiative, will provide a safe roof to 183 children. We, in addition to wanting to fully finance the construction of the nursery school, will be committed to giving 70 of these children all the support necessary to achieve the human dignity that everyone deserves. We are proud to have reached this first milestone which, however, marks only the beginning of a tight calendar of activities and events that we will talk about on our social networks and on our website”.

The other partners of the initiative
They are Partners of the Aid4Mada Onlus initiative for the creation of the Orange1 Nursery School, as well as Orange1 for People Foundation:

EPP Tanambao-Morafeno public school
Ministry of Education of Madagascar
Ministry of Health of Madagascar
Ministry of Population and Social Protection and Promotion of Women of Madagascar
For further details visit www.aid4mada.org/progetti/scuola-materna-orange1/