Inauguration of the first Orangino Home in Madagascar on 8 January: the kindergarten financed by Orange 1 for People Foundation will welcome 183 children

A big party in Tulear for the inauguration, on 8 January, of the first Orangino Home, the kindergarten whose construction we financed with the aim of giving concrete help to 183 children living in one of the poorest cities in the world. Orangino Home will be a safe home for these children, 70 of whom will continue to be supported by our Foundation, of which Armando Donazzan is president. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the inauguration of the kindergarten, which will be run by the non-profit organisation Aid for Mada Onlus, which has been active in Madagascar for years, was attended by the local authorities, representatives of Aid for Mada and one of our delegations. In this article we explore the history of the Orangino Home and its importance for the local community, as well as discovering how the two organisations came together for a noble cause. Keep following Orange 1 for People Foundation’s projects on our social channels.

The story of Orangino Home and its importance for the Tulear community

Orangino Home is the new hub of social life in Tulear that will provide 183 children between the ages of 3 and 6 with access to education and medical care as well as proper nutrition. 

The daily activities include three hours of lessons in the brand new classrooms during which the children will learn the first rules of writing, reading and mathematics, but will also indulge in drawing, singing and acting. The construction of the Orangino Home was financed by us because one of our main commitments is to ensure that less fortunate young people have the opportunity to receive an education and have access to a range of opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them. 

In Madagascar, the very high poverty rate prevents families from paying for their children’s education. Many children therefore have no access to schooling and often spend their days working or wandering the streets. Instead, Orangino Home offers a safe and secure environment where children can be educated and grow up properly, while also receiving balanced meals and medical care. In addition, Orangino Home has created jobs, thus contributing to the economic development of the area: as many as five teachers will be engaged in the activities.

Orange 1 for People Foundation and Aid for Mada Onlus: two realities uniting for a noble cause

Aid for Mada Onlus, an Italian non-profit organisation committed to supporting projects in Madagascar through crowdfunding and concrete aid in the field, was our ideal partner for the development of the objectives of helping young people that we propose. Thanks to this collaboration, on a 2100 square metre lot, we have created the new state-of-the-art school complex, consisting of: 

– three large classrooms 

– a medical clinic for the children’s health care, 

– a playground within the walls that will guarantee maximum safety for the children,

– a kitchen that will serve a daily hot and complete meal consisting of rice, meat or fish, vegetables and pulses. 

Every day, each child will receive about 600g of wholesome food that will guarantee them the nutrients they need for proper physical and mental growth. 

The partnership between us and Aid for Mada Onlus shows how the union of different realities can lead to concrete and positive results for society.

How to support Orangino Home and help children in Madagascar receive an education

In Madagascar, just €15 per month (50 cents per day) is enough to support a child. The poverty rate is such that many families are not able to pay the few cents required to operate drinking water wells. Aid for Mada Onlus has not only created free public wells, but also supports the population by paying great attention to the youngest members of the population, offering them not only schooling but also recreational activities such as basketball, dancing, drawing: anything that can give children living in the Tulear area the keys to building a future for themselves. That is why we wanted to stand by this non-profit organisation.

“Our delegation’s 20-day tour to Madagascar allowed us to get in touch with a complex reality that we want to help,” says Armando Donazzan, President of the Orange 1 for People Foundation. “Thanks to the support of the Orange 1 for People Foundation, the Orangino Home kindergarten is able to offer quality education to numerous children in Madagascar, helping them to build a better future for themselves and their communities. In an increasingly globalised world, projects such as the Orangino Home are essential to promote equality and access to education for all children, regardless of the social and economic context in which they live. This is why the Orangino Home will soon become a reality in Italy too, with the aim of giving everyone equal opportunities. There is still much to be done to ensure that every child has access to quality education. As a society, we must continue to reflect on how we can contribute to this important goal,’ Armando Donazzan concludes.