The foundation of the entrepreneur Armando Donazzan will inaugurate the Orangino House, which will give a safe place to 183 children from Tulear

Orange1 For People Foundation: the Orangino Home in Madagascar in Tulear

L’Orangino Home in Tulear, Madagascar, is a school created by the foundation for young people launched by Armando Donazzan’s holding (Photo: Orange1 For People Foundation)

The first project began to take shape in June, with the laying of the foundation stone of theEcole Maternelle Orange 1, in Madagascar, but the history of Orange1 for People Foundation it began three years ago now, in 2020, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a period in which young generations have found themselves dealing with the devastating impact of the pandemic emergency, the major economic-social differences have come to light accompanied by fears, loneliness and emotional isolation.

That’s when Armando Donazzan, an entrepreneur from Bassano del Grappa and father of five children, decided to do something concrete to give real support to young people, founding the Orange1 For People Foundation ETS.

A commitment that will officially materialize on January 8, 2024, with the inauguration of the new nursery school in Tulear, which will be part of the Orangino Home and will welcome 183 children from the EPP Tanambao Morafeno. A great social achievement that has an entirely Vicenza soul.

A Lombard foundation for innovation in life sciences

Orange1 For People Foundation: The girls of the Fides Et Robur Gymnastics Group
The girls of the Fides Et Robur Gymnastics Group supported by the Orange1 holding chaired by Armando Donazzan (Photo: Orange1 For People Foundation)

The Orangino House: the Foundation’s first project

In fact, Aid4Mada ONLUS and the Bassano Orange 1 For People Foundation are the promoters of this project, the costs of which were entirely supported by the Foundation. The new humanitarian center in Tulear will guarantee young guests education, access to medical care and two meals a day. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, and over 1 million 600 thousand young people do not attend any school.

The Foundation will also bear the costs associated with health care, to the education and correct nutrition of 70 of the 183 children who will be welcomed, with the aim of minimizing the discomfort of the very young and allowing boys and girls to grow up by taking advantage of equal educational opportunities and access to medical care and the guarantee of receiving, daily, two complete meals (breakfast and lunch), which will be served in the canteen of the EPP Tanambao Morafeno institute.

The new nursery school will be inaugurated in the presence of the directors of the two Vicenza associations. The kindergarten will be equipped with three new school classrooms, a sanitary block complete with showers and access to running drinking water, and also a protected and safe area reserved for play.

“The Orangino Home project in Madagascar is the first concrete example of support for the population that Orange 1 For People Foundation develops outside Italy”, explained Armando Donazzan.

“The partnership with Aid4Mada Onlus has given us the opportunity to leave a first concrete mark even beyond the border. On January 8th we will be in Tulear to inaugurate a structure which, thanks also to the help of the other partners of the initiative, will provide a safe roof to 183 children”.

The true story of the Orange1 For People Foundation ETS

The birth of the project required work and commitment. Between 2021 and 2023 Armando Donazzan and his team, also made up of family members, worked on the development of the foundation, which after the recruitment of the board of directors and the youth management team saw the light: on May 29, 2023, on the birthday of its founder and president, the Orange1 For People Foundation.

Our mission is dedicated exclusively to young people, and the Foundation aims to also financially support the valid spontaneous projects born from the great potential of the young generations, who often do not find someone who helps them transform ideas into opportunities.

The aim therefore becomes to support boys and girls and their energy, guaranteeing the possibility of following their inclinations and realizing themselves, regardless of their social origin.

“As an entrepreneur I want to give back part of what life has given me, I want to invest in young energies, help kids to unleash their potential and support them in their personal success story,” explained Armando Donazzan.

“Orange1 for people Foundation was created for young people and will be managed by young people. I will be their rational part, while I expect them to bring me innovative, crazy proposals that can make a difference and change the paradigms on human relationships that young people experience today.”

Sport, education and solidarity: the pillars of the mission

Sport plays a fundamental role in the Foundation’s mission, and it is therefore not surprising that other initiatives include the team Orange 1 Basket Bassano, which allows young talents from all over the world to realize their sporting dream by guaranteeing them the possibility of investing in a qualification, giving great value to the scholastic merit of athletes and financing their studies.

Again, concrete support for Fides et Robur Sports Gymnastics Group, born in 1982 in Bassano del Grappa and present as an amateur sports association also in San Zenone degli Ezzelini and Loreggia.

The Fides et Robur athletes are aged between 3 and 20, and represent, with their commitment and team spirit, one of the models to be supported.

Also worth mentioning is the recent collection of Christmas gifts for children hospitalized in Pediatrics department of the San Bassiano hospital, then delivered on Friday 22 December during a day of celebration.

These are only the first projects the foundation is working on to make a real contribution to the community. Educationhealthinclusion and human rights are the areas in which it is active, and thanks to the contribution of the five young people aged between 17 and 21 who are part of the management, and who work closely with the board of directors, the proposals for young people come from young people and are developed by young people.

There is also the commendable support of the Veneto Region

Il logo of the Foundation also contains its founding values, and incorporates part of the name of the family company, Orange1 Holding, with the ”O1” symbol aimed at symbolizing that “no project is built alone”, explains the patron of the Foundation, “but with the help and commitment of many, and because this has the ambition of helping people. The legs symbolize the journey towards a goal, the open arms represent a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join us with a mind and heart open to positive thinking and living.”

The initiative also received revenue support from the Veneto Region“An important project that arises from the corporate responsibility of an extraordinary Bassano entrepreneur who has decided to support talented young people in sport, study, personal development and their own ideas and projects who perhaps would not have had the opportunity”, was the comment of the Regional Councilor with responsibility for Education and Equal Opportunities, Elena Donazzan.

“A big heart demonstrated once again by a Venetian entrepreneur connected to the social fabric of his territory”.

Credits: Andrea Francesca Barsanti – Innovando News