A new home for Sarodiby

Sarobidy is a little girl from a poor family from Tulear who lives in the East Bethany neighborhood. Her father is unknown and her mother Manjovelo, prostitutes herself and is often absent for a long time and for this reason she has entrusted Sarobidy and her little brother to the care of the maternal grandmother. To earn some money, the grandmother washes the neighbors’ dirty laundry but her earnings are meager and unstable in order to maintain and satisfy the needs of the whole family given that in addition to Sarobidy and her little brother, the grandmother is responsible for 5 other children . The situation is critical and difficult and often forces the family to go to bed on an empty stomach given that they have to pay the rent of the shack of 30,000ar/month (about €7) and buy at least 8 20 liter tanks of water per day at the cost of 100ArAR/each (approximately €0.025)

We gave her, her brother and grandmother a new house, with all the comforts.
Today they will finally be able to look to the future with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves.