Armando Donazzan: “A dream come true for the Orange 1 for People Foundation ETS”.

Reyer Venezia could do nothing in the derby that saw it face Orange 1 Basket Bassano.
Beaten 60-79 in Agropoli (Sa). The Bassano line-up composed of Maikcol Perez (2007, Ita),
Patrick Hassan (2007, Ita), Joao Gomes (2007, Ita), Riccardo Crestan (2007, Ita), Francesco
Carnevale (2007, Ita), Jason Nistrio (2007, Ita), Brian Angeletti (2007, Ita), Mattia Fianco (2007, Ita),
Amadou Coulibaly (2008, Mali), Giannis Odzebe (2008, Congo), Pietro Masaro (2008, Ita), Andrea
Cefis (2008, Ita), Nicolas Fajardo (2008, Ita), Luis Vera Torres (2009, Paraguay), led by coach
Francesco Papi thus won the cup for the second time.
A dream come true also for Orange 1 for People Foundation, which, since 2014 has been supporting the
orange-black team with the scouting, education and training project, called
#orange1career and hosts promising men’s basketball players in the Orange1House.

“The Orange1 Basket project is not for everyone, but only for those who want to become great
champions through commitment and passion. We want to accompany our boys towards the achievement of their dreams,”
recalls the president of Orange 1 for People Foundation ETS Armando Donazzan, enthusiastic about the results achieved by ‘his boys’.
The Under 17 Eccellenza team of Orange 1 Basket Bassano is the only men’s team from the province of Vicenza to have gained, for the second time, the roof of Italy.
Yesterday evening’s was a great revenge for the entire team, which last year had exited the tournament at the quarter-finals.

Also on the court to lift the cup and celebrate an achievement with a capital T were the president of Orange 1 Basket Bassano, Carlo Da Campo, and GM Giacomo Rossi, who said: ”Everything starts from the little things, from the sacrifices of everyone, both the people and players on the front line, and those you don’t see. I want to tell them all that this victory is also theirs, the players who have never played, those who were part of the group years ago, those who have left; the people who look after them off the court: those who follow them in the studio, those who accompany them to the station or airport, those who are with them in the emergency room when they are sick. This Scudetto is the tip of a pyramid with a big base. You don’t win by chance.”
“I am proud of my athletes, of the Under-17s as well as all the teams that wear our jersey. They are willing young people, who work every single day and never give up.
We are a family, as coach Papi mentioned. In families you move forward when you are united. The Foundation offers these young promises the opportunities they would otherwise not have been able to ride: results like these show that we are on the right path and together, we will always do better,”
Armando Donazzan concludes enthusiastically.