ASD Fides & Robur Girls’ End of Year Essay: A Triumph of Sport and Values

Orange1 for People Foundation celebrates success of young female athletes

The Orange1 for People Foundation is pleased to announce the success of the end-of-year recital of the girls who are members of the Fides & Robur Amateur Sports Association. This event is a special moment to celebrate the progress and achievements of our young athletes, emphasising the importance of participation and well-being through sport.

Promoting Fundamental Values Through Sport
Supporting the ASD Fides & Robur project is for us at the Orange1 for People Foundation a mission that we pursue with passion. We firmly believe that sport is a powerful tool for personal growth and the development of interpersonal relationships. Through respect, collaboration and sharing, our athletes learn to enhance their strengths and feel part of a team, fostering a unique sense of belonging.

The President’s Commitment: A Love for Youth
The president of the Orange1 for People Foundation, with his tireless commitment, is a key figure in supporting young people. Father of five and grandfather, his love for children is the driving force behind every initiative of the foundation. “Supporting young people is a personal mission for me. Seeing the girls of ASD Fides & Robur grow and prosper through sport is an immense joy,’ said the president.

The Foundation’s Commitment

The Orange1 for People Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of young people through sport. We will continue to promote core values and support projects that foster personal growth and team spirit. Together, we can build a better future for our young athletes.

The talk of Armando Donazzan, Orange1 President