About Us


Our Values

Our foundation is driven by passion and determination to improve the quality of life,
with the aim of empowering young people to live a better future.
Our values are the key to realising our mission.


Equity, for our foundation, goes far beyond the distribution of financial resources; it embraces the centrality of human rights. We are firmly committed to fighting inequality in the distribution of opportunities, resources and rights. We recognise that social inequalities undermine the fabric of society, so we are dedicated to promoting equal access to education, healthcare and basic rights for every individual. We recognise that the true wealth of a nation lies in shared prosperity and respect for human rights. We work to create a world in which human resources are equally valued and protected. We firmly believe that only through a firm commitment to equity can we overcome the challenges of inequality and build a society in which every individual can realise his or her potential, contributing to the collective well-being.


We operate with total transparency, also communicating through our social channels, to share our activities with supporters in a truthful and progressive manner. The board of directors is composed of both family members and external members, ensuring the integrity of decisions. In addition, a board of young people proposes and promotes initiatives, as they respond to real needs.


We recognise the importance of aspirations as the foundation of any idea, however, we place great value on practicality and taking direct action. Instead of simply supporting other associations with similar goals to ours, we made the decision to establish our own foundation in order to be actively involved on a daily basis. This choice allows us to act more decisively and to pursue our goals directly.

for the Future

Orange1 For People accompanies change by supporting young people so that they have access to opportunities and resources to realise their potential and be the architects of their future.

Our Team

Nel cuore della nostra fondazione benefica, abbiamo un team straordinario di individui dedicati e appassionati. Ognuno di noi è scelto con cura per la nostra volontà comune di fare la differenza nelle vite delle persone bisognose. La nostra energia è contagiosa, e insieme lavoriamo con entusiasmo e determinazione per realizzare il nostro sogno di accompagnare i giovani verso un futuro migliore.


Born in Bassano del Grappa (Vi), I am President of the Orange1 Group, which has grown over the years to create hundreds of jobs, and father of five children.

Passion is what drives me. I have always tried to make a difference, both in my personal life and at work, putting my heart and soul into everything I dedicate myself to.

It is precisely this that drove me to found Orange1 For People Foundation ETS, so that this passion of mine can go beyond the work sphere and support children and teenagers, especially the most disadvantaged ones, so that they can have the opportunity to let their passions grow and blossom, through school, sports and activities that are closest to their sensibilities. In a word, helping them to make a difference, for themselves, for others and with others.

“I am convinced that young people are the future, believing in them and giving them the opportunity to grow up healthy and with values is the prerequisite to be able to build their own path in life”


I am Mariasole Donazzan and I am 18 years old. At the moment, I am immersed in the last stage of my schooling at H-Farm, an inspiring IB international school located in Treviso. My mind is constantly hungry for knowledge and I am passionate about challenging myself at every opportunity, as I believe that every challenge brings with it an opportunity for growth and discovery. My next dream? Moving to London in September 2024 to start a three-year degree in Politics and Economics.


What sets me apart is my insatiable curiosity, always ready to push my boundaries. At the moment, I serve as vice-president of O1FP and head the youth board. These positions allow me to get out there and do my part in helping us young people, who most of all need a helping hand to ensure a bright future. I am convinced that my young age is my strength, as it allows me to see the world with fresh eyes and to fully understand what young people really need.


Hi, I am Anna Donazzan and I am 26 years old. I recently graduated in Education and Training Sciences and currently work in a nursery school in my hometown, Bassano del Grappa.

Today I want to share with you my deepest motivation for being here and for embarking on this path: my family. My family consists of several siblings, and they represent everything to me. Growing up in an environment where children were the centre of attention, I learnt how crucial it is to provide them with the support and opportunities they need to grow up happy, healthy and realise their full potential. I have always believed that every child has the right to a peaceful childhood, where their growth and development is supported with love and dedication.

Every day, I draw inspiration from my siblings and the love of my family to guide my commitment to this association. We are convinced that every child deserves to smile and have a bright future ahead of them. With your support and participation, we can make a difference in the lives of many young people.


My name is Nicole Donazzan and I am 29 years old.

In 2017, I entered the business world, focusing on international marketing, which provided me with a solid foundation in project management.

In 2020, I embarked on an exciting journey in the world of music and entertainment, specialising in management and artist development. This allowed me to collaborate with creative talents and help them grow and express their art.

My great passion is art; I am a self-taught painter who finds inspiration in all my travels. Fortunately, my job allows me to constantly explore new places, fuelling my creativity and enriching my artistic perspective.

I call myself a ‘mother of a warrior’, life has indeed presented me with one of the most difficult challenges, and this experience has taught me the importance of finding happiness in every moment. For years now I have dedicated part of my time to the social world, helping families of children and young people who, like us, have experienced or are still experiencing illness, supporting them psychologically and financially. This experience has enriched me further, showing me the importance of solidarity and sharing.


Management assistant at the Orange1 Group.

I collaborate with a number of social organisations and had the opportunity to go on a volunteering trip to Madagascar, where I experienced first-hand the deprived situation in the south of the country.

Attentive and sensitive to the needs of those who are less fortunate, I am honoured to be part of Orange1 For People Foundation ETS and dedicate some of my time and energy to the realisation of projects supporting young people and children, the future of us all.


Member of the Board of Directors of the parent company Orange1 Electric Motors Spa.A life permeated by a strong dedication to the Orange1 Group and passion for my work. I love everything I do and try to do it to the best of my ability.

I possess a personality characterised by compassion and love for others, and in particular for the less fortunate. I am sure that being a part of Orange1 For People Foundation ETS will allow me to contribute to tackling the educational poverty of children and young people in Italy and around the world. The right to education, the provision of opportunities and hope to children and young people are the basic premise for development and represent the most valuable tools to fight poverty and marginalisation.

My motto is: “What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we did not do it, the ocean would have one less drop”.


I was born in Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza, and graduated in Economics at the University of Trento.

From a professional point of view, I work as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor. I work with companies and entities in the industrial, service, and non-profit sectors. In particular, in the Non-Profit sector, I collaborate with Foundations and Cooperative Companies operating in the social, health and education services.

My experience in the Non-Profit sector has made me deeply convinced of the importance, whenever possible, of private management of services for the benefit of the community, in a non-profit logic.

I am very passionate about sport and sporting values, both as a practitioner and as a simple enthusiast.


Our History

The pandemic emergency has generated numerous problems, including a significant impact on the younger generation and has generated greater economic and social differences. Social distancing has resulted in loneliness and emotional isolation, while distance education has led to a marked decrease in motivation and participation. The future prospects of young people were questioned, leading to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Right from the start we realised the medium- to long-term implications and are aware of the urgency of taking action to support the younger generation on their path to the future.

The incubation process defined the fundamental principles of the Foundation by turning our attention to contexts and communities that require targeted interventions. Thus, four thematic areas emerged that represent the different challenges in which we intend to engage to create positive impacts: education, health, disability inclusion and respect for human rights.

Through the incubation process, we established a solid foundation of values and a clear strategic direction to guide our future actions in pursuit of our purpose. The year 2022 was dedicated to recruiting people who reflected the values and goals of the foundation to work together towards a shared vision. The youth board was formed from which ideas and initiatives are proposed, and the board by which they are then approved and funded.


On the Founder’s birthday, the Orange1 For People Foundation was officially created. The coincidence is not a coincidence, but a planned choice, as Armando Donazzan, President of Orange1 Holding, described the signatures at the notary as ‘the most precious gift I could receive this year’… The beginning of our journey!

Inaugurated in Tulear, Madagascar, the first facility to accommodate 183 children, including a canteen, infirmary and library.
This is the first facility we have opened outside the country.