ASD Fides & Robur Girls’ End of Year Essay: A Triumph of Sport and Values

Orange1 for People Foundation celebrates success of young female athletes The Orange1 for People Foundation is pleased to announce the success of the end-of-year recital of the girls who are members of the Fides & Robur Amateur Sports Association. This event is a special moment to celebrate the progress and achievements of our young athletes, […]

The tracks of the Concordia project available in Free Download!

The Orange1 for People foundation is proud to announce the availability for free download of the 3 tracks created in the studio by the young people who participated in the Concordia project. Thanks to the collaboration with the 4 Erre recording studio and the internationally renowned deejay and producer Lehar, these young people experienced three […]

Donate your 5×1000 to Orange1 For People Foundation

From October 2023 until today, we have achieved a lot, but we cannot stop because there is still a lot to do! Therefore, choosing to donate your 5×1000 to Orange1 for People ETS is really important. YOU CAN DONATE 5 PER THOUSAND WITHOUT A TAX RETURN! Even without filing a tax return you can donate […]

A new home for Sarodiby

Sarobidy is a little girl from a poor family from Tulear who lives in the East Bethany neighborhood. Her father is unknown and her mother Manjovelo, prostitutes herself and is often absent for a long time and for this reason she has entrusted Sarobidy and her little brother to the care of the maternal grandmother. […]

Returning Smiles to Fanirisoa and Many Other Little Women of Madagascar

The cyclone of 2023 had destroyed her family’s hut. She was only two years old. For a year they were forced to live iin precarious conditions. But today, thanks to our efforts, Fanirisoa and her family once again have a roof under which to sleep, eat and feel safe. Fanirisoa, like many children in her […]

Orange1 Basket awarded for sporting Results

In the fabulous setting of the PalaDue in Bassano del Grappa, a representation of 30 of our athletes took part in the Gran Galà dello Sport, being awarded by the mayor and the city’s sports councilor for the results obtained in the last sports season.

New Listening Project: “REAL TALKS”

From February to June, a cycle of 8 free meetings for young people aged 14 to 22: a new opportunity for discussion and growth on the themes of sexuality and affectivity. at Villa Angaran San Giuseppe in Bassano del Grappa (Vi)  The first date to mark on the calendar is 22 February, when, from 6 […]

The New Whatsapp Stickers of Orange1 For People

We are excited to share a new phase of our adventure! We have created unique stickers with our logo, a symbol of our community. It is our way of strengthening the sense of belonging and sharing our mission. Download the stickers, be part of this story, and together we will build a better future! #unique […]